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The Unit 5 Music Parents' Spaghetti Supper is scheduled for Monday, November14. The meals will be served from 5:00 - 7:30 pm in the Normal Community High School Cafeteria. Although only the 5th Grade Band and the 6th Grade Band will be performing that night, we are strongly encouraging ALL families to help support the Music Parents Spaghetti Supper. This is their only fundraising event for the entire year. Through this event, the Music Parents give each band, choir and orchestra director at all six secondary buildings in Unit 5 a monetary donation. Last year these donations totaled over $10,000 to 18 different programs. 22 years ago band budget at Chiddix was $2,000. That amount was divided between two 7th grade bands, two 8th grade bands and a jazz band. Last year I received $300 for four bands from the District. You can see how important the support from the Music Parents is to our band program. We have been very fortunate to have been able to keep our repair budget for the school owned instruments throughout this time.  Last year Chiddix sold almost 300 tickets. Our goal this year is to try to sell 400 tickets. The spaghetti and sauce that will be served that night is from Avanti's. 
     The Music Parents have asked us to supply 10 workers between 5 and 6 pm.  The sooner we get our 10 workers, the less emails you will be getting from me about signing up to help out. Here is the link to sign up to work at the event:

The ticket order form will be located in the "document" section. Either save it on your computer, fill it out, email it back to me (I will acknowledge that I received it), send the check with your child and I will send you the tickets that you ordered.   OR   Print the form, fill it out by hand, send the form and check to school with your child and I will send the tickets home with your child. 
     Please check individual grade pages for important information for each class!  THANKS!    10-21-16

****We finally gained access to the Chiddix Bands webpage and have been able to update the pertinent information. At this time of the year the most important thing to do is to copy the dates off of the calendar and put them on your family calendar. Check your respective grade level page for some announcements concerning our concerts. I will also upload a document that contains all of the concert dates as well as put them in the "announcement" box on the lower right hand side of the page. Try to get into a habit of looking at the page at least once a week. 

One piece of information that was sent home via Skyward email on two different occasions dealt with the 8th grade night with the Marching Ironmen and / or the Marching Wildcats. Please check the 8th grade page for last minute information. 

One thing that I will do differently this year is to try to keep this first page clear items that are no longer current. The picture / archive page will have pictures and / or announcements that were made that help tell a little history of the band when new students, parents  and teachers work with the program. 

The most important thing to remember about the website is that if you have ANY questions throughout the year PLEASE ask. Thanks for all of your help and support that you give to the Chiddix Bands!        9-15-16

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Today's fun facts are about Mr. Swallow

This begins Mr. Swallow's 32nd year of teaching, 29 in Unit 5 and 22 of those years here at Chiddix. What a great place to call home! Some more trivia facts to think about:
  • This year marks the 49th first day of school that Mr. Swallow has experienced.
  • This year's 5th graders will be the last class Mr. Swallow teachers all four years while they are at Chiddix. 
  • Mr. Swallow began teaching in Unit 5 the year Parkside Elementary and Northpoint opened their doors.
  • After that first year, the following buildings opened:
    • Towanda demolition, remodel, construction
    • Pepper Ridge
    • Prairieland
    • Additions at Northpoint, Chiddix JH and Parkside JH
    • Normal Community West High School
    • Fox Creek
    • Grove
    • Additions at Sugar Creek
    • Normal Community High School
    • Demolition of the north end of NCHS, and additions to the south end and the renaming of this building to Kingsley JH
    • Benjamin, Cedar Ridge, Evans JH   
    • Complete remodel of Chiddix   
Chiddix Junior High School Bands
 300 S. Walnut Street  |  Normal, IL  61761

Upcoming Events


Mon., Nov. 14, 2016        5th & 6th Grade       NCHS**
Thurs., Nov. 17, 2016      7th & 8th Grade       CJHS**
Tues., Dec. 6, 2016          5th Grade                NCHS**
Sat., Feb. 18, 2017   Host S&E, select 7th/8th  CJHS
Tues., Feb. 28, 2017         7th & 8th Grade      CJHS**
Thurs., March 9, 2017       5th & 6th Grade      CJHS**
Sat., April 8, 2017      Twin Cities Honor 7/8    BJHS
Fri., April 28, 2017             Host IESA               CJHS
Sat., April 29, 2017    Host/Perform IESA 7/8   CJHS**
Thurs., May 11, 2017 Host S&E, Select 5/6       CJHS
Mon., May 15, 2017            7th & 8th Grade     CJHS**

**Attendance required at these events for that particular grade level.